At W&M, our director has over 20 year’s experience in criminal Law, gained at a number of leading Law Firms in the Midlands and the North West.

Prior to setting out in the costing world, the Director was involved in running his own caseload, within a Criminal Practice and gained valuable knowledge and experience for maximising the costs on every case.

Given his keen interest in costs, it was a natural step, to set up W&M Legal Consultants.

Our Director combines the role of being a highly regarded and experienced consultant, for many law firms and providing a professional legal costs service to Law Firms.

Our Services

Assistance at Police Stations

  • Advice and assistance at Police Stations
  • Locus in quo / site visits, production of plans drawings and photographs. 
  • Preparation of IV transcriptions. 
  • Preparation of exhibit schedule re: synopsis and analysis of evidence. 

Telecommunication reports

  • Preparation of telecommunication reports and analysis of the same. • Cell site analysis.
  • Preparation of CCTV schedules and analysis report. 
  • Preparation of CCTV stills and digital images

Cost drafting services

  • Cost drafting services inclusive of all billing aspects of solicitors cost and claims in privately funded and legally aided criminal matters.
  • Preparation of forensic crime analysis re: issues of continuity in exhibits/ compliance with preservation of material and examination of experts reports facts, findings and opinions.